my angel from hell

That cares for me
You are my devil
That I need to be rid of
You are the darkness
That lurks me at night
You are the light
That leads me to smiles
You bring the tears
That fall down my face
You are the joy
That flies with such grace
You are my ups and downs
You are my heaven and hell
Your love stabs my heart
With a piercing pain
That brings me down
To the ground
You are the cause of my death
You are the reason for my living
You are the fire burning in me
And the rain falling on me
You helped me up when I fell down
And you turned my frowns upside down
You are helping me live
But making me suffer
You are my lover
Making my life tougher
You are my angel from hell
But I can tell
That you love me
With all your hate

A Voice Within


2 thoughts on “my angel from hell

  1. me, scumpa mea, nu stiu unde sa-ti mai scriu. ti-am scris pe fb de ziua ta, ti-am scris pe mess… sunt ingrijorata, intelegi, puiule? nu stiu de tine. te rog, spune-mi ceva, me! tu stii ca esti sufletul meu. me, nu ma lasa! draga mea, sunt aici, iti stau langa suflet. spune-mi un cuvant. spune-mi o silaba, doar sa stiu ca esti bine. te rog!

  2. esme,in momentul asta ma simt de parca trece un tavalug peste mine, Chiar acum vorbesc cu Ioana, incerc sa ii explic, dar singurul lucru pe care ea il intelege e ca am renuntat. Definitiv. La tot.

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